Sunday, October 30, 2011

Semester Update!

Well, we are officially more than half way through the first semester of school. Time truly does fly by. Staying busy with school work makes your days go by without even noticing. But, I'm loving it! Classes are going pretty well so far. Although I don't have the greatest grade in Organic Chemistry, I am still putting in as much effort as I can. I am being consistent with getting homework done, and preparing as much as I can for quizzes and tests. However, I can not wait until next semester because it will mark the end of chemistry classes for the rest of my life! Sweetness! Anatomy is going excellent. Although it is probably my most difficult class besides chemistry, I am getting great grades and feel as though it is truly preparing me for physical therapy grad school. There is no better feeling than learning something in the classroom, and then being able to discuss and relate it to your every day life. That is what this class is doing for me. Spanish is going very well. I was nervous about taking it at first because I didn't remember anything from taking it in high school. Luckily it came back to me quick, and I am doing very well. Statistics is going pretty well also. Math has never been my strong suit, but I am putting the time into my homework so that I do well on my quizzes and exams.

Even though I am not playing lacrosse this year, I am happy with my decision. My stress level has been much more manageable, because I have a lot more time to get all my work done throughout the week. Lacrosse is in-season during the spring semester, which is when you have much more lacrosse, and much less time for homework. So I know I'll be thanking myself again next semester. I also have a lot more time to experience things that I didn't get to do last year. Whether that is something on campus or off campus, it is fun to be able to do something for yourself every once in a while. I also joined the Founders Society, which is a organization on campus that brings bloggers, tour guides, campus media, and advertisement for St. Mike's together in one room. We go over better ways to serve the students on campus, as well as in-coming freshman and perspective students. It is really interesting to see how hard St. Mike's works for all of us here! I also joined a CrossFit gym in South Burlington, which has truly made an impact on my college experience. I will explain exactly what CrossFit is, and why I am so obsessed with it in a near-future post. Stay tuned, it may change your life like it did mine.

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