Sunday, October 30, 2011

Birthday Weekend

A couple of weekends ago, I celebrated my twentieth birthday with a bunch of my friends here at St. Mike's. Whenever someone in our group of friends has a birthday, the closest weekend to that day is considered "birthday Weekend". Basically, a two or three day long celebration of whoever's birthday it may be. It's always a great time, and a good excuse to relieve the stress of school work for a little bit!

For my birthday, my and my friends went down to Burlington and had dinner at Panera. Panera is relatively new to Church street, and it seems to be a huge favorite among all the college students here in the Burlington area. Personally, I think it takes away from the local businesses around the area, but that's just my opinion. After dinner, we walked around and eventually made it to Ben and Jerry's for some awesome ice cream. Once we made it back to campus, we all hung out and had a little party in my room for a bit before returning to Main campus for a couple hours. All in all it was an awesome time, and its always great getting together with all your friends on the same night for once.

Going to school in an area surrounded by so many different things to do or go was something I always wanted as a part of my college experience. Here at St. Mike's, there are a TON of fun and exciting things to do on the weekends, or even breaks. Montreal is a mere two hour drive from campus. I haven't made it up there yet, but I have heard its amazing. In the winter, you have some awesome mountains to ski on. Jay Peak, Stowe, and Smuggler's Notch are all about a 40 minute drive. Plus, a $30 season pass to Smuggs is never a bad thing! Burlington offers a ton of restaurants, shops, entertainment, and gorgeous views down on Lake Champlain. So, if you need to simply get off campus for a day or a weekend, there are more than plenty of options to do so. Get as many experiences as you can!

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