Wednesday, November 16, 2011

New Business?

I am trying to do something completely new to me; business. I am trying to create a little business/ hobbie here at school to make a little extra money for something I love and know how to do. I was recently home and was working on my snowboard with my dad, tuning it and getting it ready for the upcoming season. A thought jumped into my head, "why not try this at school?" At first I kind of disregarded the thought, but right then my dad suggested I do without me having to say anything. At that point I didn't really have a choice!

I decided I would give it a try. My first step was coming up with an idea of what I was actually going to do, and how I would do it. I created some flyers and started hanging them all over campus. As a matter of fact, I'm still not done with that! I pretty much put them on every entrance to every building I could, as well as bathrooms and other places inside those buildings. I basically thought that if people see my advertisement once, they may walk right by and disregard it. Yet, if they walk by it a second or third time, they might actually stop and read what I am offering. I put little tabs on my add showing my phone number and email so that they could get a hold of me. I'll be honest, it is a pretty good feeling when you see a couple tabs ripped off your add. Shows that some people are actually interested!

I decided that for a time being, I am just going to offer ski and snowboard waxing, but not sharpening of edges. Sharpening the edges takes a long time and takes a lot of care. I am only charging $10 for a complete waxing. Most ski shops charge around $30 for a waxing and sharpening. If people actually start to give me business, then I will consider adding on sharpening for an additional $5 or something like that. Either way, it's much cheaper than going to a ski shop which is what I hope other students realize! This whole business thing is an experiment to me (can you tell I'm a Bio major?). If it doesn't work out, then at least I can say I tried. I have seen other students offer other business here on campus. I wonder if any of them were successful.  Thus far, I have only seen tabs ripped off my adds. No phone calls or emails yet. Hopefully they will come when we get closer to the season.

Any one have any suggestions for me?

Take care,


  1. Hey! I'm a junior at Saint Mike's studying abroad but I came across your blog (just out of curiosity cause I was trying to avoid doing my papers haha) because it was posted on the SMC blogger page. But, I think that's an awesome idea! As long as you promise you'll still be doing it for the spring semester!! My snowboard needed waxing halfway through the season last semester and I shelled out like $25 to get it done at smuggs. I would love it if you could do it for $10! So, you have one customer in the spring :) Rock on!

  2. Kerri, Thanks so much! of course I'll still be doing it in the spring. I will be doing my board every couple of weeks, and I plan on still offering everything to everyone else too! I just hope other students start to get interested too. Thanks for checking my blog out!