Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Back from Easter!

Hello everyone. I apologize for the long delay since I last wrote. My only excuse is being busy with school and lacrosse! Today was the first day of classes after the long Easter weekend. We had Friday and Monday off from school so we could go home for a couple of days. The lacrosse team didn't end up having much of a break because we had practice on Friday, and immediately after that we were loading the bus to drive down to Pace University in New York for a game Saturday. I ended up coming home Saturday night and was able to spend at least Easter day with my family. It is always a treat to get to go back home after being at school for a long time. I remember telling myself last summer how I couldn't wait to get away from home. Now, there are times when I can't wait to go back! Getting to see your family becomes a nice surprise, simply because you don't get to see them very much at all. Luckily for me, I play lacrosse and my parents like to come to the games. Yet, for most students, they don't get to see their parents until a break comes around. There is usually a break every six weeks I would say. Our spring break was in March, and we just had a long weekend for Easter. Christmas break was about a full month, which was really nice. For the most part, I spend my breaks visiting family and friends. I work for my uncle if there is anything I can do. It is always nice to get home cooked meals as well! (No offense to Alliot)

Now, I am preparing for the most stressful week of my life: FINALS WEEK. The past week, and this week have already been absolutely loaded with work. I have two final papers that I'm working on, Chemistry and Biology lab final reports, and then studying for two finals! It can get a bit crazy at times. But I keep telling myself, make it through these next three weeks and I'll be free... at least for a couple months. I will be enjoying my last weeks of my first year of college as much as I can. I just can't believe I am done my first year of college. Time flies!

Wish me luck in these next couple of weeks.

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